Thursday, October 29, 2015

DTC 95 - The Great Darkness Saga Part 2

The Great Darkness Saga Part 2

- Legion of Super-Heroes 287

01:30 Save the Espionage/Suicide Squad - the Espionage Squad (Chameleon Boy, Timber Wolf, Shrinking Violet) infiltrate the Khund homeworld only to have their cover blown when they get into a brawl

10:05 Prologue to Darkness - Shadow Lass and Mon-El investigate a mysterious planet

- Legion of Super-Heroes 288

12:05 The Legionnaire's Made for Burning - Princess Projectra and Karate Kid face execution on her homeworld at the hands of her cousin

- Legion of Super-Heroes 289

25:20 A Cold and Lonely Corner of Hell - Tempers flare as the temperature drops on the frozen asteroid where the shipwrecked Espionage Squad finds itself after escaping the Khund homeworld

35:15 Once Upon an Insanity - Brainiac 5 and Element Lad are ambushed by a disgruntled psychomedic, while paying a visit to Matter Eater Lad

- Additional Legion Related Notes

41:40 Encylopedia Galactica, Zwen, Ultra Boy, Matter Eater Lad, White Witch, Dawnstar

Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 287 by Keith Giffen and Romeo Tanghal

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