Sunday, October 28, 2018

DTC 157 - Baltimore Comic Con 2018 - Part 2

2018 Baltimore Comic Con - Day 2 (09/29/18)

What I Bought - Talos of the Wilderness Sea, TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids, Wonder Woman, New Teen Titans, Manhunter, Marge’s Tubby, The Dreamer

Team Building Panel - Mark Waid, John Ostrander, Ron Marz, and Denny O’Neil talked to Robert Greenberger (moderator) about the challenges of working on team books

- New Teen Titans (1980) 8

The Chaykin and Haspiel Show - Howard Chaykin and Dean Haspiel talked about how they met, people with whom they’ve worked, and how their work has evolved

Music and Comics Panel - P. Craig Russell, Ed Piskor, Timothy Truman, John K. Snyder III, and Mark Buckingham discussed the connections between their comic book work and music with Evelyn Kriete (moderator)

- Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1

From Thor to Ragnarok - Walt Simonson and John Workman, but mostly Walt Simonson, talked about working on different versions of Thor

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

DTC 156 - Baltimore Comic Con 2018 - Part 1

2018 Baltimore Comic Con - Day 1 (09/28/18)

- What I Bought - Warning Label, Superman vs. Flash, Justice League of America, Madame Xanadu, Daredevil, Nathaniel Dusk

- Justice League of America 140

- Noir Comics Panel - Brian Azzarello, Christina Blanch, and John K. Snyder III discussed their work in noir comics and perspectives on the genre

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

DTC155 - Convention Talk

What I Bought at the Shoff Show (09/19/18)
- Starslayer, Sgt. Rock, Secret Origins, The Shadow Strikes, Marvel Two-in-One, New Teen Titans, Time Warp, Marge’s Little Lulu

Memories of the 2010 Baltimore Comics Con
- What I Bought
- Panels: Spotlight on Terry Moore, Spotlight on Dennis Kitchen, Spotlight on Sergio Aragones, Comics Rewind: The 1980s

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