Small Press Expo (SPX)

SPX is an indie comic book focused convention that is held in September in North Bethesda, MD.

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Small Press Expo 2017

Part 1 - DTC 142: people I talked to, the stuff I bought, and the panels I attended on the first day of the show

Part 2 - DTC 143: people I talked to, the stuff I bought, and the panels I attended on the second day of the show

Gilbert Hernandez and Jim Rugg in Conversation - a discussion of Gilbert Hernandez career with some insights into his process and his thoughts about his independent work and the work he has done for others

Barometer of the Free Press - editorial cartoonists Ann Telnaes, Matt Wuerker, Keith Knight, and Ben Passmore discuss their experiences with negative reactions to their work and the importance of editorial cartoons with moderator Tom Spurgeon

Filling in the Pieces - Comics Biography (5-6 PM) - Box Brown (Andre the Giant; Tetris), Anais Depommier (Sartre), and Luke Howard (The Life of Earnest Hogan, Father of Ragtime) talk about their experiences researching and creating biographical comic books with moderator Chris Mautner

Reading Without Walls - Gene Luen Yang talks to Johanna Draper Carlson about his initiative to encourage young readers to "explore books of diverse voices, genres, and formats."

My illustration of a page of Space Riders completed during the Comics with Alexis Ziritt workshop

Small Press Expo 2016

Part 1 - DTC 124: stuff I bought and panels I attended on the first day of the show

Part 2 - DTC 125: stuff I bought and panels I attended on the second day of the show

Forty Years of Fantagraphics - Comics Journal contributor John Kelly moderated a discussion with publisher Gary Groth and several artists (Joe Sacco, Trina Robbins, the Hernandez Bros, Drew Friedman, Jim Woodring, Dan Clowes, Carol Tyler) who have had works published by Fantagraphics about how the company got started, how it evolved, and what it was like working for Fantagraphics over the years

Spotlight on Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez - the Hernandez Bros. talked to comic book retailer Bill Boichel about their long running series Love & Rockets, their relationship with Fantagraphics, and some of their side projects

Spotlight on Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes - Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics) talks to Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes about their careers in comics and how their approaches to subject matter and the process of creating comics has changed over the years

Spotlight on Trina Robbins - A conversation between Trina Robbins and Heidi MacDonald about Trina's work in comics as a creator and a chronicler of the lives and work of other women in comics

Small Press Expo 2015

DTC 89: stuff I bought and panels I attended

Creative Collarborations in Comics Collectives - Matt Dembicki (moderator), Jason Green, Dan Mazur, Andrew Cohen, Emily Gillis, Monica Gallagher, and Cheese Hasselberger discuss the history of their collectives, the challenges of keeping a comics collective going, and some of their comics collectives' success stories

Anthologies Aren't Easy - Anthology veterans Kelly Phillips (moderator), Josh Bayer, Annie Stoll, Isaac Cates, and Josh O'Neill discuss the processes, challenges, and rewards of organizing anthologies

Heart-Shaped Hole by Dean Haspiel

Titan by Fran├žois Vigneault

An Entity Observes All Things by Box Brown

Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel

She Died in Terrebonne: A Sam Kimimura Mystery by Kevin Church and T.J. Kirsch

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks by Derf Backderf

Astro City by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson

Small Press Expo 2014

Episode 47: Small Press Expo 2014 - Part 2

Jules Feiffer Panel

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- Audio Link (m4a)

Wash Tubbs Spanking

John Porcellino Panel
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- King Cat Comics

Episode 46: Small Press Expo 2014 - Part 1

What I Bought

Copra: Round One by Michel Fiffe

The Disappearance of Melody Dean by Alexis Sugden

Elementary My Dear 2: Helium Displacement by J.S. Hailer

I am a German Shepherd by Murilo Martins
I used to be a German Shepherd by Murilo Martins

Raina Telgemeier Panel

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Small Press Expo 2009 - 2012

Read all about it at my old blog: Reading for the Trade/SPX

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