Thursday, October 29, 2015

DTC 95 - The Great Darkness Saga Part 2

The Great Darkness Saga Part 2

- Legion of Super-Heroes 287

01:30 Save the Espionage/Suicide Squad - the Espionage Squad (Chameleon Boy, Timber Wolf, Shrinking Violet) infiltrate the Khund homeworld only to have their cover blown when they get into a brawl

10:05 Prologue to Darkness - Shadow Lass and Mon-El investigate a mysterious planet

- Legion of Super-Heroes 288

12:05 The Legionnaire's Made for Burning - Princess Projectra and Karate Kid face execution on her homeworld at the hands of her cousin

- Legion of Super-Heroes 289

25:20 A Cold and Lonely Corner of Hell - Tempers flare as the temperature drops on the frozen asteroid where the shipwrecked Espionage Squad finds itself after escaping the Khund homeworld

35:15 Once Upon an Insanity - Brainiac 5 and Element Lad are ambushed by a disgruntled psychomedic, while paying a visit to Matter Eater Lad

- Additional Legion Related Notes

41:40 Encylopedia Galactica, Zwen, Ultra Boy, Matter Eater Lad, White Witch, Dawnstar

Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 287 by Keith Giffen and Romeo Tanghal

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DTC 94 - All-Star Squadron 29-30

All-Star Squadron 29-30

1:25 All-Star Squadron 29 - The Seven Soldiers of Victory battle Dr Doome, the Emperor Nero, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Genghis Khan

19:15 All-Star Squadron 30 - In an effort to prevent them from stealing top secret sup weaopns, the Justice Society of America battles the Black Dragon Society

35:55 Additional Notes - Leading Comics, Arkham Asylum, Mount Rushmore, Dr Doome, Smithsonian, Stuff & Wing

Stuff & Wing: The Fallen Asian American Superhero Sidekicks

Revisiting Word War II: The Justice Society Battles the Japs

Cover Art: All-Star Squadron 29 by Jerry Ordway

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DTC 93 - Knights of Sidonia - Season 1 - Part 1

Knights of Sidonia - Season 1 - Part 1

2:20 Episodes 1-4: Tanikaze's journey begins as he emerges from the hidden passageways of Sidonia, makes friends, and plays a vital role in the defense of Sidonia

19:55 Episodes 5-6: Tanikaze and Hoshijiro grow closer when they are stranded together in space; although neither seems sure what to do about their feelings for one another some of their comrades have their own selfish reasons for not wanting to accept this development

Cover Art: Knights of Sidonia - promo image

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DTC 92 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 3

DTC 92 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 3

01:00 Where I Ate - Baltimore Farmers Market

Stuff I Bought - Captain America 264; Young Heroes in Love 11, 17; Avengers 191; Superman 18, 20, 32; Twilight 2, 3; Superman Adventures 3, 9, 11, 12; The Flash 161; Beef with Tomato OGN; New Teen Titans 14

27:50The 75th Anniversary of the Spirit - Arlen Schumer's retrospective of Will Eisner's most famous creation, the longevity and publication history of the Spirit, and the influence of Eisner on other comic book creators

38:00 Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors - a brief overview of American history from the 1930s to the present focusing on how popular culture and current events were represented in comic books by Christy Blanch (moderator) with color commentary provided by Mark Waid, Louise Simonson, and Walter Simonson

49:10 Tom Palmer Spotlight - multitalented Tom Palmer (penciler, inker, colorist, painter) discussed his art (including collaborations with Gene Colan and Neal Adams) and career with Jose Villarrubia

55:35 Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman

1:02:00 Final thoughts about the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con

Cover Art: Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Program Guide by Francesco Francavilla

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Friday, October 2, 2015

DTC 91 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 2

Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 2

Stuff I Bought - New Teen Titans 12, 13; Marvel Premiere 44, 56; Marvel Two-in-One 100; Captain America 287; Underworld 1; Silverblade 1, 2; Alpha Flight 21; Freedom Fighters 9; Legion of Super-Heroes 283

What I Ate - Chicken Tikka Kabob

Stuff I Bought - DC Comics Presents 61, 62; New Teen Titans 15; Legion of Super-Heroes 298; Baltimore Comic Con T-Shirt

23:00 It's an Ad, Ad, Ad World: Advertising in Comics - a retrospective slide show of ads in comic books from Sea Monkeys to Hostess Twinkies and everything in between, prepared and presentated by Ed Catto

39:40 Russ Heath Spotlight - the co-creator of the Sea Devils and the Haunted Tank, Russ Heath talks with Mike Gold about his career in comic books

49:40 Silver Age of Comic Book Art - Arlen Schumer's thesis on the evolution of comics during the 1960s through the works of eight artists

54:40 Notes about Dominic Fortune, Marvel Two-in-One, The Thing

Visit the Baltimore Comic Con page for links to things discussed in this episode including audio recordings of panels.

Cover Art: Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Program Guide by Francesco Francavilla

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