Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DTC 92 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 3

DTC 92 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 3

01:00 Where I Ate - Baltimore Farmers Market

Stuff I Bought - Captain America 264; Young Heroes in Love 11, 17; Avengers 191; Superman 18, 20, 32; Twilight 2, 3; Superman Adventures 3, 9, 11, 12; The Flash 161; Beef with Tomato OGN; New Teen Titans 14

27:50The 75th Anniversary of the Spirit - Arlen Schumer's retrospective of Will Eisner's most famous creation, the longevity and publication history of the Spirit, and the influence of Eisner on other comic book creators

38:00 Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors - a brief overview of American history from the 1930s to the present focusing on how popular culture and current events were represented in comic books by Christy Blanch (moderator) with color commentary provided by Mark Waid, Louise Simonson, and Walter Simonson

49:10 Tom Palmer Spotlight - multitalented Tom Palmer (penciler, inker, colorist, painter) discussed his art (including collaborations with Gene Colan and Neal Adams) and career with Jose Villarrubia

55:35 Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman

1:02:00 Final thoughts about the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con

Cover Art: Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Program Guide by Francesco Francavilla

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