Monday, September 28, 2015

DTC 90 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 1

Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Day 1

What I Ate - Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Stuff I Bought - Adventure Comics 425

12:50 The New Mutants Panel - a look back at the early days of the New Mutants with two of the creators helped to create it: writer/editor Louise Simonson and penciler/inker Bob McLeod

24:15 Beg, Borrow, and Steal: Adapting, Incorporating, and Drawing Inspiration from Myth, Legend, and Literature - a discussion of the use of (mostly Greek and Norse) myths and legends in comic books with Ron Randall, Greg Pak, Walt Simonson, and Jamal Igle with moderator Paul Storrie

37:45 Stories I Haven't Yet Told Panel - Robert Greenberger moderated a discussion with John Ostrander, Ron Marz, Louise Simonson, and Terry Moore about the stories that they never got to write or that never saw print, mostly for DC and Marvel

51:20 More thoughts about the show

Visit the Baltimore Comic Con page for links to things discussed in this episode including audio recordings of panels.

Cover Art: Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Program Guide by Francesco Francavilla

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DTC 89 - Small Press Expo 2015

Small Press Expo 2015

Stuff I Bought: Heart-Shaped Hole by Deal Haspiel, Titan 1-2 by Fran├žois Vigneault, Comixology SPX sale

Panels I Attended: Creative Collaborations in Comics Collectives, Anthologies Aren't Easy

Cover Art: SPX 2015 Program Guide by Noelle Stevenson

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

DTC 88 - The Great Darkness Saga Part 1

The Great Darkness Saga Part 1

02:15 Legion of Super-Heroes 284 - The Legionnaires rush to defend Medicus One as it is attacked by more than one alien threat

13:32 Legion of Super-Heroes 285 - The Legionnaires go on the offensive after Nullport is attacked by the Khunds

28:00 Legion of Super-Heroes 286 - The Legionnaires' party is crashed by Dr Regulus who is out for blood

43:45 Additional Legion Related Notes - Publication History of the Legion (late 1950s - late 1980s), Timber Wolf, Light Lass, RJ Brande, Legion Espionage Squad, more

Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 285 by Pat Broderick and Romeo Tanghal

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

DTC 87 - Cadmus Concluded

Cadmus Concluded

01:50 Superman: The Animated Series - Ghost in the Machine - After sabotaging Lex Luthor's latest gadget, Brainiac captures him and forces him to build him a new body

12:20 - Justice League Unimited: Cadmus Exposed - Mark Hamill and the producers of the Cadmus story arc revisit the epic arc

24:10 - Superman: The Animated Series - Brave New Metropolis - Lois Lane steps through a dimensional portal and winds up in a universe where Superman teamed up with Lex Luthor to make the world a better place

Cover Art: Superman: The Animated Series - Brave New Metropolis

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