Friday, October 2, 2015

DTC 91 - Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 2

Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part 2

Stuff I Bought - New Teen Titans 12, 13; Marvel Premiere 44, 56; Marvel Two-in-One 100; Captain America 287; Underworld 1; Silverblade 1, 2; Alpha Flight 21; Freedom Fighters 9; Legion of Super-Heroes 283

What I Ate - Chicken Tikka Kabob

Stuff I Bought - DC Comics Presents 61, 62; New Teen Titans 15; Legion of Super-Heroes 298; Baltimore Comic Con T-Shirt

23:00 It's an Ad, Ad, Ad World: Advertising in Comics - a retrospective slide show of ads in comic books from Sea Monkeys to Hostess Twinkies and everything in between, prepared and presentated by Ed Catto

39:40 Russ Heath Spotlight - the co-creator of the Sea Devils and the Haunted Tank, Russ Heath talks with Mike Gold about his career in comic books

49:40 Silver Age of Comic Book Art - Arlen Schumer's thesis on the evolution of comics during the 1960s through the works of eight artists

54:40 Notes about Dominic Fortune, Marvel Two-in-One, The Thing

Visit the Baltimore Comic Con page for links to things discussed in this episode including audio recordings of panels.

Cover Art: Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Program Guide by Francesco Francavilla

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