Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DTC 138 - Heroes Con 2017 - Part 3

Heroes Con 2017 - Part 3

0:00 Before the Panels

Jack Kirby Prints, Heroes Con T-Shirts, Comic Book Magazines


Back Issue Bins: Daredevil, Dr. Strange Classics, Crime SuspenStories, Captain America, Flash

Joey Weiser - Batman and the Outsiders commission

Mike Meyers

19:27 Villains in Pop Culture: Psychology of Evil

34:30 Heroes Con Mega Panel: Eisner and Kirby at 100

58:58 All-Star Squadron Panel


1:12:02 Notes - Wounded Wolf, Simon & Kirby, Paul Grist, 2001

Visit the Heroes Con page for links to things discussed in this episode including audio recordings of panels.

Cover Art: Hereos Con 2017 Program Guide by Mike Wieringo, Casey Jones, and Rico Renzi

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