Friday, September 30, 2016

DTC 125 - Small Press Expo 2016 Part 2


Small Press Expo 2016 Part 2

0:00 Intro

1:29 Day 2 Highlights - Love and Rockets, Amiculus

14:50 Spotlight on Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes - Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics) talks to Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes about their careers in comics and how their approaches to subject matter and the process of creating comics has changed over the years

26:21 Spotlight on Trina Robbins - A conversation between Trina Robbins and Heidi MacDonald about Trina's work in comics as a creator and a chronicler of the lives and work of other women in comics

39:36 Additional Notes - Lily Renee, Trina Robbins and Kickstarter, The Legend of Wonder Woman

43:15 Look Back and Looking Ahead - conventions, podcasting

46:04 Outro

Cover Art: SPX 2016 Attendee Badge by Gilbert Hernandez

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