Saturday, September 24, 2016

DTC 124 - Small Press Expo 2016 Part 1


Small Press Expo 2016 Part 1

0:00 Intro

1:28 Before the Panels

7:36 They Shoot Black People Don't They - a presentation and meditation by Keith Knight (using his own words and cartoons) on the issue of police violence perpetrated against African American men in the United States

22:02 Spotlight on Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez - the Hernandez Bros. talked to comic book retailer Bill Boichel about their long running series Love & Rockets, their relationship with Fantagraphics, and some of their side projects

32:31 What I Bought - Tales of Unusual Circumstances by Joey Weiser, Bury the Past by E Baird, Space Captain by Chris Baldie and Michael Park

38:43 Forty Years of Fantagraphics - Comics Journal contributor John Kelly moderated a discussion with publisher Gary Groth and several artists (Joe Sacco, Trina Robbins, the Hernandez Bros, Drew Friedman, Jim Woodring, Dan Clowes, Carol Tyler) who have had works published by Fantagraphics about how the company got started, how it evolved, and what it was like working for Fantagraphics over the years

45:20 After the Panels - miscellaneous thoughts about the first day of the show

52:55 Outro

Cover Art: SPX 2016 Attendee Badge by Gilbert Hernandez

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