Saturday, February 28, 2015

DTC 67 - Batman - A Death in the Family; Blades

Batman: A Death in the Family [begins at 1:52]
- Batman 426-429
- Batman and Robin (Jason Todd) pursue the Joker from Gotham first to the Middle East and then to Africa.

Batman: Blades [begins at 9:55]
- Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 32-34
- Batman crosses paths and blades with a new vigilante, the Cavalier

Cover Art: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 32 by Tim Sale

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  1. Great episode Dave! I haven't read it in years, but I remember liking Blades. Didn't know James Robinson wrote it, very cool. Read it before I really paid attention to the names inside the covers. More or less was on a Batman kick.

    I agree with you about Death In The Family, not a big fan of how that all played out.

    1. Death in the Family is a milestone but not a great story. In other words it is important because of what happened in the story.

      Not all milestones are great stories and not all great stories are milestones.