Sunday, June 23, 2019

DTC 165 - Heroes Con 2019 - Part 2

Heroes Con 2019 - Part 2

Cartoonist Kayfabe Live - Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg talk memories of Heroes Cons past (bin diving, art auctions, travel companions), preview their other panels, and answer questions from the audience

Walking and Talking with
- Joey Weiser - Ghost Hog, Mermin
- Scott Fogg - Phileas Reid Knows that We Are Not Alone
- Tuskegee Heirs

Before Superman panel - Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and Athena Finger talk about their grandfathers (Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson and Bill Finger) and the era of comic books that predates Superman with Andrew Pepoy

What I Bought
- All-American Men of War, Supernatural Thrillers, Green Lantern, DC Comics Presents, Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes


DTC 85 - For the Man Who Has Everything
DTC 126 - The Great Darkness Sage - Part 6
DTC 135 - Dave Talks Comics in 2016 - Part 4
Dave Talks Comics Notes - Green Lantern
Read Moore Comix - Superman Annual 11

Cover Art: Heroes Con 2019 Program Guide by Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai

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