Saturday, January 23, 2016

DTC 104 - Samurai Jack - Season 1

Samurai Jack - Season 1

1:23 The Beginnning - Jack, a samurai, travels through time and winds up in a world controlled by Aku, a demon

5:05 Jack and the Warrior Woman - Jack and Ikra, the warrior woman, cross a vast desert in search of a magic jewel

11:40 Jack and the Three Blind Archers - Jack takes on the guardians of a magic well

17:21 Jack and the Lava Monster - Jack fights a monster (with an unexpected back story) in the heart of a volcano

22:13 Jack and the Scotsman - Jack and the Scotsman set aside their differences and join forces to battle bounty hunters

Cover Art: Samurai Jack Season 1 (DVD Box)

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