Saturday, September 12, 2015

DTC 88 - The Great Darkness Saga Part 1

The Great Darkness Saga Part 1

02:15 Legion of Super-Heroes 284 - The Legionnaires rush to defend Medicus One as it is attacked by more than one alien threat

13:32 Legion of Super-Heroes 285 - The Legionnaires go on the offensive after Nullport is attacked by the Khunds

28:00 Legion of Super-Heroes 286 - The Legionnaires' party is crashed by Dr Regulus who is out for blood

43:45 Additional Legion Related Notes - Publication History of the Legion (late 1950s - late 1980s), Timber Wolf, Light Lass, RJ Brande, Legion Espionage Squad, more

Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 285 by Pat Broderick and Romeo Tanghal

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