Sunday, June 15, 2014

DTC 25 - The 'Nam; Exterminators; Generations Saga

The 'Nam 13-15 [begins at 2:06]
Ed's tour of duty in Vietnam comes to an end

The Exterminators Vol. 2 [begins at 7:38]
New coworker, potential new girlfriend, an ex-coworker rises from the grave, and more infestations of cockroaches and rats

Infinity Inc 8-10 [begins at 17:03]
Conclusion of the Generations Saga as the team battles their parents as well as the Ultra-Humanite

Cover Art: Infinity Inc 10 by Jerry Ordway

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Infinity Inc 9, Harlequin
by Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan
Check out that costume!
Infinity Inc 9, Harlequin

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